Please be a FRIEND

Follow school rules
Respect our space and each other
Indoor, quiet voices
Enjoy our books, materials and technology
Need help? Just ask!
Don’t forget to check-out books and return them on time!

Check-out Guidelines

Books can be checked-out for two weeks at a time. Each student may have three books checked-out at a time.
You may renew your book as many times as needed.

This year overdue fines will be charged. For every day the book is overdue, your account will be charged $.05 per day with a maximum fine of $2.00.

Lost books must be paid for before you can check-out other books.

Computer Usage Rules

  1. Be respectful of all computers and media center equipment.
  2. Each students must login under his or her own login and log off when finished using the computer.
  3. Report any computer problems to the media specialist.
  4. Save your work to your Google Drive, a flashdrive or your file on the H:/drive. Do not save work to the hard drive of the computer.
  5. Do not download or install any updates, programs or software.  
  6. YouTube, gaming and social media sites are not permitted. All computer use must be school or academic related.
  7. Food and drink are not permitted in the media room or near computer equipment.
  8. Printing is free but must be school related.
  9. Headphones are available upon request.